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Our page will give a complete overview of online Tennis betting, looking at how it works, which bets you can make, and where is best to try it.

What is online tennis?

Created by popular industry software developer Betby, eTennis betting is a virtual version of the famous sport. It offers realistic simulation matches that you can bet on just as you would the real thing, with multiple sportsbooks offering odds and live streams to create a memorable experience.

The matches include some of the most recognisable players in the world such as Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev, letting you watch epic tussles at Wimbledon, for example. You can enjoy surprising realism with modern graphics and even grunts from the players that look like their counterparts, all while the umpire even narrates the action.

How eTennis Betting Works

If you are wanting to get started on your onlieTennis betting journey then you’ll be delighted to hear that it is very straightforward. Firstly you clearly need to find a sports betting site that offers markets, and virtual sports are pretty easy to find; we have shortlisted two of the best further down this page.

Then you will find eTennis under the esports section of the website and can choose your match – these take place 24/7 so there will always be something to watch and bet on. What makes eTennis betting even more exciting is the fact that the matches are short, with the winner the first player to three games.

You have a large range of markets to bet on – this can be done either pre-game or while the action takes place.

How to Bet on eTennis

Just like when betting esports once you are ready to bet etennis it is very straightforward to place your wager:

  1. Find a suitable online sportsbook
  2. Choose the eTennis match
  3. Analyse the odds
  4. Select your market and bet amount
  5. Place your bet and watch the action unfold

The above steps will have you set up with eTennis betting and there will always be an exciting match to watch or bet on. Just remember to play responsibly and stick to a strict budget.

Types of eTennis Betting Markets

eTennis betting is very similar to its real-life counterpart in several ways and is much simpler than some other esports. Below are the main betting markets to read up on.

Outright Winner

  • In the outright winner market, you predict the player that will ultimately take the victory.
  • This is very straightforward and no other considerations are needed – if your player wins the eTennis match then your bet will be paid out.
  • Unlike real tennis, here you don’t have to worry about rain breaks or injuries.

Set Betting

  • In eTennis, sets are much shorter than real life, but you can bet on a player to win a specific set.
  • Some bookies may also offer the exact set result at the end of the match; you may be able to bet on Djokovic to prevail 3-2, for example.
  • As always, it is important to fully explore exactly what is being offered by the specific website that you are betting on.

Handicap Betting

  • Handicap betting entails giving one player a virtual advantage or disadvantage before the match commences.
  • This advantage or disadvantage may be in terms of sets or games.
  • The objective is to equalize the playing field and offer more balanced odds for bettors.

In-Play Betting

  • This popular type of betting, also known as live betting, allows gamblers to place bets on ongoing matches.
  • This function allows possible adjustment of tactical alignment based on changing match situations and updated plans.
  • It is especially popular when watching a live stream, as is the case with eTennis.

Over/Under Betting

  • In the over/under market, you need to guess the total number of sets (games) played in a match, which will be higher or lower than the set figure that the bookmaker selects.

Recommended eTennis Betting Sites

etennis betting on bc.game
eTennis betting markets on BC.Game

Our two suggestions for betting on eTennis are outlined below. Both have a massive selection of matches and competitive odds as well as a fantastic 100% welcome bonuses for new players that are registering for the first time.

Betting eTennis on BC.Game

  • Our BC.Game review covers this popular bookie in great detail, but to summarise, you can expect a first-class eTennis experience.
  • The website is nicely laid out, making bet selections easy and you can also plan ahead with upcoming matches listed.
  • More generally, when signing up at BC.Game, you also get access to a huge range of casino games.

Betting eTennis Roobet

  • Roobet is a leading crypto betting site for virtual sports such as eTennis and eCricket betting.
  • If you are a new player then, after claiming your welcome bonus, you will find a huge range of virtual tennis matches available.
  • The realism is extremely impressive and the live stream adds another layer of enjoyment. If it is not quite to your liking then there are plenty other sites like Roobet.


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