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What are the best odds for a Euro 2024 bet?

Get set to explore the Euro 2024 betting odds with our detailed overview, where we spotlight the newest Euro 2024 odds

Whether you are new to football betting or an experienced bettor, this guide is your ticket to making informed bets on Europe’s most awaited football championship, highlighting the Euro 2024 favourites and underdogs.

Euro 2024 Winner Odds

Curious about which team has the best Euro 2024 winner odds of winning UEFA Euro 2024 according to the bookies? Below is a handy table that lists the national teams with the highest outright winner odds.

These odds give you an idea of which teams are favourites to lift the trophy and come out on top. So, whether you’re backing the three lions of England or supporting the flair of the French, you’ll find the newest odds offered for each team right here.https://goalin.media-partners.io/euro-outright-winner-odds-2/?nocache=12355

Euro 2024 Topscorer Odds

Who will be the top goalscorer at Euro 2024? It’s a big question for football fans and bettors alike. To help you out, we’ve put together a table with the standout players and the highest odds for each, showing who could be the scoring heroes of the tournament. These top players are the ones to watch as they contend to score the most goals and perhaps bring glory to their teams. Check out the odds to see who might be the best bet for the Golden Boot.

Outright Euros Top GoalscorerHighest Odds
Kylian Mbappé10.00 at Stake
Harry Kane7.50 at Stake
Cristiano Ronaldo10.00 at 1xBet
Jude Bellingham13.00 at 1xBet
Olivier Giroud30.00 at 1xBet
Romelu Lukaku17.00 at Stake
Antoine Griezmann36.00 at Stake
Bukayo Saka41.00 at Stake

All odds are courtesy of Parimatch, and Dafabet, correct at the date of publishing and subject to change.

Euro 2024 Match Odds

For fans and bettors getting ready for Euro 2024, the match odds are a crucial piece of information. The table below reflects the highest odds from leading online betting sites, showing which teams have the edge according to bookmakers for the upcoming Euro fixtures.

It offers insights into the expected performances of the teams, with lower odds indicating a higher confidence in a team’s ability to clinch a win. These odds are essential for those looking to predict the outcomes and place football bets on either a decisive victory or a draw.https://goalin.media-partners.io/euro-match-odds/?nocache=12355

All odds are courtesy of Parimatch, BC. Game, Dafabet, and 1xBet are correct at the date of publishing and subject to change.

With these Euro 2024 betting odds, those placing bets can better assess where to put their money for the potential best outcome. The odds are an indicator of the anticipated excitement in the field, as teams battle it out for European glory.

Poland is having a hard time in the Group Stage of Euro 2024 with two losses. Its opponent, France has a 75.2% chance to win the match according to experts. It had already drawn against the Netherlands and won against Austria. It’s my favourite. But you may have Poland markets for smaller bets in various markets.

By drawing against powerful France, the Netherlands has already shown the football world its prowess. In its next match against Austria, it’s favourite with a 43.5% win probability. Austria, however, will fight hard with a 27% probability. It’s going to be a tough battle as both teams performed equally in their previous matches. But the Netherlands has the edge thanks to its defence. 

With two draws, Denmark is desperate to climb the points table. With one loss and one draw, Serbia is also looking for opportunities. Denmark is still the favourite with a 44% win probability against Serbia’s 29.2% probability. With Eriksen and Hjulmand in the team, the Danish are poised to win. But you never know when something slips in even matches.

Both Kane and Bellingham have shown the magic of their feet this tournament. If we’re being honest, Slovenia doesn’t stand a chance. The probability is 74.1%, which says the same thing. As England had a draw with Denmark in the last match, it’s going to attack Slovenia with everything it’s got. Stay tuned for the exciting match. 

In a match where the draw is the most likely outcome according to the experts at 1xBet, Slovakia and Romania are going head-to-head. Both teams have bittersweet experiences in their previous matches to aim to perform well in this one. While Slovakia (29.3%) is slightly on the favourite side, there’s no doubt Romania (23.9%) will give it its all. 

With all teams standing at the same point, this match between Ukraine and Belgium is going to be interesting. It’s going to decide whether Belgium climb to the top or Ukraine better its position. Belgium is a strong favourite with a 59.5% win probability. De Bruyne already scored and he has a high chance of scoring again. 

Portugal is leading the Group with Georgia at the bottom. There’s not much to say about who is favourite. Portugal is boasting almost 71% probability with a win against Georgia’s 12.3%. With one of the only teams with 3 goalscorers, Portugal is flying this Euro. However, you shouldn’t underestimate markets for Georges Mikautadze as he’s a double sorcerer this tournament. 

In a closely knitted match between Turkiye and Czechia, it’s difficult to predict what’s going to happen. Both teams boast very close odds, 38.8% and 33.9% win probabilities. And surprisingly, Czechia is the favourite according to 1xBet experts. With one loss and one win, Turkiye is going to be a tough opponent. 

Types of Euro 2024 Betting Markets

Betting on Euro 2024 isn’t just about guessing the match winner; there are many different betting options or “markets” available. You can pick out long-term champions in a tournament, your favourite for a specific game, or even try your luck with live bets during the action. Each type of bet adds a layer of excitement to the viewing experience. Here are five engaging types of bets that can help spice up the tournament for you:

Outright Winner Bet

An outright winner bet is a type of long-term bet where you choose which team you think will lift the trophy at the end of Euro 2024.

The importance of this bet is that it’s about the big picture; it’s not just who wins a game, but who wins the entire tournament. Fans often choose their favourite team or the one they feel has the most potential to go all the way, based on factors like team strengths, previous performances, and expert predictions.

Group Winner Bet

Similar to the outright winner, the group winner bet focuses on predicting which team will come out on top of their specific group. It’s an exciting bet because it involves a bit of strategy in analyzing how teams will perform against their immediate opponents and not just overall. With each group having multiple teams, this bet requires a good understanding of each team’s skills and weaknesses.

First Goalscorer Bet

In the first goalscorer bet, you predict which player will score the first goal in a particular match. This bet appeals to many because it’s not just about which team wins, but it involves cheering on a specific player. It also adds intrigue from the moment the whistle blows, as the first goal can come at any time.

Half-Time/Full-Time Bet

This is a two-tiered bet where you predict both the team leading at half-time and the final winner of the match. It requires a deep understanding of teams’ play styles and their tendencies to start or finish strong. This bet keeps you hooked for the entire game, as early leads can change and matches can turn around dramatically.

Live Bets

Live betting happens in real time while the match is being played. With live bets, you could be predicting the next team to score, the player who will receive a card next, or the outcome of a penalty kick. These bets are crucial because they depend on the unfolding dynamics of the game, requiring you to be knowledgeable, attentive, and quick to react as the match progresses.

When it comes to Euro 2024, knowing your way around the different types of bets can greatly enhance your enjoyment of the tournament. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to the scene, taking the time to understand these markets can pay off in entertainment value and possible winnings.

How Does Football Odds Work?

Understanding football odds is key to betting on Euro 2024. Odds show the chances of a certain outcome, like a team winning a match. They tell you how much money you could win based on your bet. Higher odds mean a team is less likely to win but could lead to a bigger prize if they do. Lower odds suggest a team is more likely to win, but your winnings might be smaller.

By looking at the odds before a game, you can decide which bets might be the best to try. Betting smart with Euro 2024 betting odds can help you enjoy the games.

What Betting Site Has the Highest Euro Odds in India?

When you’re looking to bet on big football events like the Euros or the World Cup, you want to choose a bookmaker that provides the highest odds. That means if you win your bet, you could get more money back. In India, there are a bunch of sites where you can place bets, but some offer better Euro 2024 betting odds than others.

Here’s a table that shows which betting sites had the highest odds for the last World Cup. Even though the Euro 2024 odds could be different, this list gives you a good idea of where you might find the most competitive odds.

Betting SitePayout Percentage
Most bet97.60%

Remember, when you’re betting, where you bet matters. Choose wisely, and may luck be on your side.

How do you calculate the Payout Percentage?

When placing bets, it’s cool to know about the payout percentage. This percentage is like a clue. It helps you see how much you might win back from your bet. For a two-way bet where you pick between two outcomes, like which team will win, the payout percentage is calculated this way: 1/((1/O1)+(1/O2)) Where O1 is the odds on the home team, and O2 is the odds of the away team.

For a three-way bet, which includes guessing if it might be a draw, the formula is just a bit different. In this case, the payout percentage is calculated this way: 1/((1/O1)+(1/OX)+(1/O2)) Where O1 is the odds on the home team, OX is the odds on a draw, and O2 is the odds of the away team.

Using these formulas helps you get smarter about your Euro 2024 betting odds. Remember, understanding the numbers helps you play the game better.

Why do high odds matter?

Think of high odds like a treasure map. When the odds are high, it usually means there’s a smaller chance of that outcome happening. But here’s the thrilling part: if you bet on the underdog and they win, you could be lucky in this case.

Every bookie offers different odds, and that’s why the payout percentage changes from one to another. For example, if one bookmaker offers 5 to 1 odds on a team, and another offers 6 to 1 for the same team, betting with the second one could mean better potential returns if that team wins.

In Euro 2024 betting odds, finding those high odds and knowing how to use them can pay off. It’s all about choosing the right moment and the right bookmaker to make the most of your bet. Go for the high odds, and you might just score a payout as exciting as a last-minute goal.

Euro Betting Odds FAQs

Here are some quick answers to top questions about Euro Betting Odds for the 2024 championship.

What betting site has the highest odds on the UEFA Euros?

To find the highest odds for the Euros, check out top bookies like 1xBet or Dafabet. These sites often have competitive odds, but remember, odds can change, so it’s a good idea to compare a few before you place your bets.

What are the odds for England to win the 2024 Euros?

The odds for England to clinch the 2024 Euros can vary, but some betting sites may offer odds like 5.50. Always look for the latest odds before deciding on your bet.

Who is the odds favourite to become the 2024 Euros top goalscorer?

Bookmakers sometimes predict sharpshooters early on. A player like Kylian Mbappé might get high odds like 10.00. Check the latest Euro 2024 betting odds since these numbers can shift as the tournament approaches.

Where can I find the highest outright odds on the Euros?

You’ll likely find the highest outright odds on the Euros at betting sites known for higher payouts. Sites like 1xBet, Dafabet, and Parimatch are good places to start your search.


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