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Football predictions, football betting tips for the week

Our experts update this football predictions guide every week and give you tips backed by data.

In this guide, we explore football betting tips for all main matches played in international leagues and competitions such as the Euro, Copa America, FIFA World Cup, Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and others.

  • Austria vs France, 18 June 2024: France to win 2-0

Austria vs France Football Prediction – Euro 2024

The World Champions face off against the dark horses Austria in their opening EUROs Group D match on Monday evening. France enters the tournament as the second favorite to continue their winning streak of trophies, with odds of 5.00.

The French team, having qualified impressively by winning eight of their ten qualification matches, boasts a squad brimming with talent. This includes Real Madrid’s new star, Kylian Mbappe, who scored 30 goals in the last Ligue 1 season and is expected to spearhead the attack. Expectations are understandably high for Les Bleus.

Austria, meanwhile, is on a strong run of form, remaining unbeaten in their last seven matches. This streak includes a notable 2-0 victory over Germany, a team ranked 12th in the world.

Austria’s defense has been solid, conceding only three goals in those seven games, and they have an impressive record of scoring in every match during that run. This signals their potential to be a formidable opponent in the group stage.https://goalin.media-partners.io/euro-match-odds/?nocache=12355

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Football Betting Tips: Bet of The Day

If you are looking for free football betting tips on an upcoming football match, you have come to the right place. You may not only want to know the best football betting tips. You may also want to know how the game is likely to unfold. 

We also reveal the factors we consider while selecting the match on which we give our readers our football tips. 

About Football Tips on Goal India

Here, we give our prediction for today’s soccer matches. Accordingly, we analyze the betting odds for the match as quoted on a popular sports betting site. We follow up with a brief preview of the upcoming game. 

We also provide a snapshot of our bet of the day record for the last five days. 

Finally, we explain how we select our bet of the day by describing what type of bets we consider. 

In-Depth Football Prediction Analysis and Tips by Tipsters

We reveal what things we keep an eye out for in the course of our in-depth football prediction analysis. For instance, we elaborate on how we view the betting odds quoted for the selected match. 

In particular, we explain whether we are looking for any minimum returns on our recommended bet. 

Key Parameters Before Giving Football Predictions

There are several parameters our in-house football betting experts use before making today’s football prediction. In this section, we elaborate on the most important parameters, namely, Data, Stats, Betting Markets we pick, and odds. 


Our experts consider data as much more than a mere collection of numbers and stats. Our football betting tips are fuelled by data. We make our educated guesses about the outcomes of matches based on data-driven analysis.

We break down football-specific data from players and matches. We use team-level data analytics for insights into how a team will measure up to a particular opponent. 

Based on player-specific analytics, we can evaluate the past and future performance of an individual player. 

Analysis of various stats can help predict how a game will play out. These include goals conceded, goals scored, form, possession, shots on target, and head-to-head comparisons. 

Thus, we rely on historical data, team statistics, and player metrics to help generate accurate forecasts. 


We analyze team stats to identify trends. Our experts analyze both offensive and defensive stats.

Offensive stats are important as a team’s ability to win a match depends on the team’s attacking ability. To measure this ability, we analyze such metrics as goals scored, shots on target, and assists. 

Likewise, consistent success can only be achieved with a solid defense. Accordingly, we analyze clean sheets, goals conceded, tackles, and interceptions. 

We analyze historical data to help make informed betting decisions. For instance, a head-to-head comparison of teams tells us whether one team has a psychological edge over the other. 

We analyze the recent form of teams. Teams enjoying winning streaks usually keep their momentum, while struggling teams can find things challenging on match day. 

We also look at suspensions and injuries. A team is weakened if a key player is missing. 

Finally, we look at the performances of teams in home and away games. Teams generally perform better in familiar home conditions where they also get crowd support. 

Betting Markets

In making our football predictions, we also consider betting markets. We consider traditional betting markets such as full-time results. We also consider a wide range of non-traditional markets. These include such markets as Total Goals, Anytime Goalscorer, and Asian Handicap, among others. 

Diverse markets provide many ways of engaging with football games. To help make informed betting decisions, we combine statistical research. For instance, a winning corner-related bet could depend on studying years of a team’s corner-related stats.

 Likewise, we also recommend comparing odds quoted by various bookmakers for certain betting markets. Such a comparison can reveal where the best value for a bet can be had.

 It is also important to know which markets to avoid. For instance, you must be cautious while approaching such markets as ‘to win from behind’ and ‘correct score betting.’ Such bets reduce value as they combine multiple wagers. Furthermore, they rely on luck rather than educated analysis. It’s harder to make an accurate prediction for a gimmicky market.

Odds Analysis

 Bookmakers assign odds to different outcomes — such as win, loss and draw — to reflect the probability of each such outcome. We get a broader view of the game by analyzing these odds.

 Thus, we learn to perceive the likelihood of various results. Such understanding leads in turn to informed wagering decisions.

 Sometimes bookmakers offer odds that are higher than the actual probability of a result. Recognizing such odds can lead to value bets. Our experts spot value by analyzing odds. Once we are convinced that the odds quoted are less than the true probability, we recommend placing a bet.

 We also consider in-play betting opportunities. Based on the happenings on the field of play — such as injuries, goals, and yellow cards — odds keep changing. Our experts monitor the in-play odds to recognize betting opportunities to capitalize on. For instance, if a favored team trails early, bookmakers offer improved odds on the team, creating a chance for a value bet.

 Analyzing odds can also help to gain an insight into how a bookmaker perceives a game. Such insight can help make informed predictions.

Daily Football Tips: Which events do we cover on Goal India?

 In providing our football betting tips on Goal India, we cover every football event that is popular in India.

 These include popular leagues such as the English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, and the Indian Super League. We also cover the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Champions League.

We have extensive coverage of worldwide events that feature national sides. These include the UEFA Euro Cup, the Copa America, and the FIFA World Cup, among others.


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