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  • DraftKings Boxing
  • FanDuel Boxing
  • BetMGM Boxing
  • Caesars Boxing
  • Fanatics Boxing
  • Bet365 Boxing
  • BetRivers Boxing
  • ESPN BET Boxing
  • Which Boxing Betting Site Has the Best Promotions?
  • Which Boxing Betting Site Has the Best Odds?
  • Sportsbook Ranking Methodology
  • Methodology for Picking the Best Sportsbooks

While all professional sports are exciting in their own way, few can match the thrills, theatrics and drama of boxing. There’s nothing like watching an intense bout between two fighters giving their all. Once they step in the ring, anything can happen.
Boxing matches can be unpredictable, but they’re also fun and easy to bet on. Whereas team sports involve countless random variables and dozens of players, boxing bouts are simple. There are only two fighters in the ring, so you don’t have to worry about a bet busting because of a pitcher blowing a lead or a kicker missing a field goal.

While not as popular as the four North American major sports leagues, boxing betting markets are still featured prominently at U.S. online sportsbooks. While sports bettors in legal sports betting states have plenty of websites to choose from, some are better than others.

With that in mind, here are the best online sportsbooks for betting on boxing.

DraftKings Boxing

DraftKings is one of the best online sportsbooks for all sports, including boxing.
In addition to offering standard markets like moneyline, total rounds and alternative total rounds, DraftKings offers special betting markets on select fights like whether a boxer will get knocked down or win in a certain number of rounds.
DraftKings is known for its extensive array of prop bets, and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to boxing. Bettors can wager on markets like whether a fight will go the distance or what the exact winning method will be.
Looking to place a couple of bets on the same fight? DraftKings’ Parlay Builder tool makes it easy to combine multiple wagers into a single bet with increased odds.
With so many great features and a strong welcome offer, DraftKings is worth checking out in general, especially if you’re a boxing bettor.

FanDuel Boxing

With its sleek app, strong welcome offer and wide range of betting markets, FanDuel is a go-to destination for sports bettors.

FanDuel has no shortage of betting options for each fight. If you click on a fight at FanDuel, you’ll find moneyline odds, round props, method of victory props and more. There are also often special markets as well, like how many punches a boxer will land in the fight.

FanDuel’s boxing markets can seem like a lot at first glance, especially for a new boxing bettor. However, the vast menu of options makes FanDuel a must-use sportsbook for more seasoned bettors, especially if you’re looking for non-traditional markets.

BetMGM Boxing

BetMGM is a solid option for boxing bettors with its intuitive app, strong welcome offer and exciting rewards program with tie-ins to MGM resorts and casinos.

While BetMGM doesn’t have as many boxing betting options as FanDuel or DraftKings, it covers the basics and doesn’t overload you with specials or prop bets, making it a good choice for newer or more casual bettors.

Overall, BetMGM offers a smooth experience for boxing bettors.

Caesars Boxing

Caesars stands out with the most odds boosts of any sportsbook, offering dozens of boosts on multiple sports every day. That includes boxing, as Caesars usually has multiple odds boosts before big fights.

The betting options for individual fights aren’t as extensive, but Caesars includes the basics. It also categorizes betting markets by weight class, making it easy to find the fight you’re looking for.

Caesars’ simplified layout and generous welcome offer makes it a good option for newer boxing bettors.

Fanatics Boxing

Fanatics is one of the newest sportsbooks on the market, launching in 2023 after merging with PointsBet. It offers a modern sports betting experience, tailoring the home page based on your betting history and providing rewards credit for every bet.

Along with its generous welcome offer, that makes Fanatics a great place to wager on sports, including boxing.

Fanatics keeps it simple when it comes to boxing, offering moneylines, total round props and distance props. Regardless of whether your bet wins or loses, you’ll at least get some site credit back in FanCash.

Don’t overlook Fanatics, especially if you’re someone who wagers frequently on multiple sports.

Bet365 Boxing

Bet365 is one of the most established and successful sports betting brands in the world. Founded in 2000 in the U.K., it has over 90 million customers around the globe and has been expanding throughout the U.S. since 2019.

Bet365 offers an impressive range of boxing markets. Bettors can dive into specialty markets like when the fight will end, round group betting, punches thrown, punches landed and more, giving users plenty of options to explore. It also has boosted odds on pre-built parlays.

With a unique welcome offer that gives new customers a choice between two options, Bet365 is a great option for boxing bettors if it’s available in your state.

BetRivers Boxing

BetRivers is more low-key compared to other big-name sportsbooks, offering more of a local feel with its hometown promotions and simplified layout.

Not surprisingly, BetRivers focuses on the basics when it comes to boxing, offering markets on method of victory, fight lines, round betting and knockdowns. It also has pre-built parlays and provides key stats to assist your research.

BetRivers caters to newer and intermediate bettors in general, and that’s true for boxing as well.


Another recent addition to the sports betting market, ESPN BET launched in late 2023. Its modern app is well-regarded for its slick design and quick load times. It also has strong promotions for both new and existing customers, exclusive odds boosts (including boxing boosts) and fun tie-ins to ESPN personalities.

For boxing, ESPN BET has standard fight lines, fight props and round props. It also offers specials for certain fights as well, striking a good balance of providing more than just the basics without going overboard.

Which Boxing Betting Site Has the Best Promotions?

If you’re new to sports betting or looking to try a new sportsbook ahead of a big boxing match, one of the first things you should look at is the welcome offer.

There are two main types of sign-up offers for new customers. One is a “first bet” offer, also known as a “no sweat bet,” “second chance bet” or “safety net bet.” It involves getting your first bet back in site credit (up to a certain amount) if your first wager loses, similar to a refund. If your first wager wins, you’ll receive your winnings but won’t get a bonus.

Other books will essentially give you free money for signing up. This is usually in the form of a “bet and get” promo where you receive bonus bets or site credit just for making a small wager after registering. This gives you money to play around with to explore different betting markets and see if you like the sportsbook.

The second option is often preferable, but it depends on your betting strategy. A first bet offer is good for a casual bettor who wants to quickly test out a sportsbook or has a specific bet in mind, especially if they’re looking to place a large wager on a long shot like an underdog fighter. The second option is better for someone who wants to wager on multiple boxing matches or markets.

Once you’ve joined a sportsbook and played through your welcome bonus, it’s also important to assess the promotions for existing users. Some sportsbooks offer daily odds boosts or rewards to keep customers coming back.

If you wager frequently, you’ll want a sportsbook with daily boosts and a robust rewards program like Caesars or Fanatics. If you’re a more casual bettor who only wagers periodically, these won’t matter as much.

Which Boxing Betting Site Has the Best Odds?

Most sportsbooks have similar odds for the same matchup, but with slight differences. For example, one boxer might be a -300 moneyline favorite at one sportsbook but have -325 odds at another.

One sportsbook won’t have the best odds for every market, however, so you could be missing out on potential profits by sticking to one site.

The only way to consistently get the best odds is by joining multiple sportsbooks and comparing odds. Small differences add up in the long run, especially if you bet frequently or wager large amounts.

Make sure to evaluate live odds when sampling a sportsbook as well. Quick load times and odds refreshments are imperative for live betting, as you could miss out on favorable odds if it takes a while for the sportsbook to accept your wager.

Sportsbook Ranking Methodology

We’ve taken the time to test and research numerous sportsbooks, narrowing down a list of the best in the industry to help you choose which ones to try first.

Our rankings are based on scores in the following categories:

  • App reviews
  • Availability across states
  • Size of welcome offer
  • Ease of claiming welcome offer
  • Rewards program
  • In-app streaming capabilities
  • Existing user promos
  • Customer service options

Below, we’ll break down each category and explain why it’s important to your sports betting experience.

Methodology for Picking the Best Sportsbooks

Here are the factors we considered when constructing our list.

App Reviews

A quick and easy way to get a sense of a sportsbook’s quality is by comparing user reviews on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). Since ratings are out of five stars, you’ll generally want a sportsbook that’s well-regarded with an average score of at least four stars.

You can also dive into specific user comments to gauge what people are saying about the app and if there are any recurring complaints or issues. This can be helpful for features that are hard to gauge until you actually use the app, like lagginess or customer service.

Many commenters are there to complain, so don’t put too much stock in specific reviews.

That said, if you notice common themes throughout the comments, consider it a warning for issues you may encounter with the app.

State Availability

Each state handles sports betting differently. Some states allow both in-person and mobile sports betting, while others might only allow in-person sports betting or have a hard cap on the number of mobile sportsbooks permitted.

Accordingly, sportsbooks vary by state, as each state has to approve a sportsbook before it can launch there. No sportsbook is available in every state with legal online sports betting, but a few have launched in the majority of them.

Generally speaking, the more states a sportsbook is available in, the better. That means it’s more likely to be available in your state, a bordering state or a state you’re likely to travel to, making it easier and more convenient to use. That way, you’ll be able to take your sportsbook with you rather than needing to sign up for a new one every time you leave your state.

While smaller “local” sportsbooks usually offer profit boosts and other bonuses based on hometown teams, they’re usually only available in a handful of states at most, offering limited availability.

Size of Welcome Offer

This is an important one. How much free money will a sportsbook give you for signing up?

Most sportsbooks have welcome offers to entice new customers, but it’s important to know how these offers work. Just because an offer has a higher dollar amount attached to it doesn’t necessarily make it better.
Some sportsbooks have “bet and get” promotions where you receive bonus bets (site credit) just for wagering a small amount of money. For example, you might get $200 in bonus bets just for placing a $5 wager. You’re essentially getting free money to bet with.

Other sportsbooks have “no-sweat” offers that give a bonus bet only if your first bet loses.

For example, if you place a $20 bet after signing up and it loses, you’ll receive a $20 bonus bet, similar to a refund.

These offers tend to wow bettors with larger amounts than “bet and get” promos, often going up to $1,000 or $1,500. However, you’ll only receive a bonus bet if your first wager loses, in which case you’ll need to use the bonus bet to try to win your money back. If your wager wins, you’ll receive your cash winnings like a normal wager but won’t receive any bonus.

Accordingly, “no sweat” offers generally aren’t as good as “bet and get” promos.

When comparing sportsbooks, it’s better to focus on welcome offers with guaranteed bonuses that give you site credit no matter what.

Ease of Claiming Welcome Offer

The size of the bonus offer won’t matter if it’s difficult to claim.

The best sportsbook bonus offers are as easy to claim as they are generous, being simple and straightforward without requiring you to jump through hoops.

The best bonuses are guaranteed and hit your account instantly as soon as you place your first bet. They’ll also be easy to follow and won’t require you to check a bunch of boxes to get your bonus.

Some sportsbook bonus offers require you to make multiple wagers or wait days or weeks to unlock your full bonus. This can be inconvenient, especially if you’re trying to get your full bonus ahead of a big boxing fight.

More complex offers can be a pain, so we prefer simplified offers with fewer requirements.

Rewards Program

If you bet often and are planning to use a sportsbook frequently, a strong rewards program is essential.

Loyalty programs differ by sportsbook. Some give you rewards points for each bet, which can then be converted into bonus bets or other rewards. Others offer big rewards like free trips, hotel stays, tickets to sporting events and more.

On the other hand, some sportsbooks don’t have any rewards. That might not be a big deal for casual bettors, but it can make a difference for frequent sports bettors.

It’s like paying for something with cash versus a credit card. If you place a bet at a site without a loyalty program, you’re missing out on points elsewhere.

In-App Streaming Capabilities

While bigger sports like football or basketball are usually only available to watch via traditional cable or streaming services, some sportsbooks offer the ability to stream smaller sports in the app, which is a benefit for bettors.
For example, FanDuel‘s app often streams tennis matches, which makes it easier to follow the action and place live wagers.

Beyond just offering live streaming, we also considered how laggy the stream was, how much battery it used and the amount of events available to stream in the app.

Existing User Promos

Most sportsbooks have some type of welcome offer to get new customers in the door, but where they really differ is with their promotions for existing customers.

Some sportsbooks offer a slew of daily promotions like odds boosts, no-sweat bets, bonus bets and more to keep customers coming back every day. Others only offer these sparingly, however, if at all.

One key existing user promo to consider is the referral bonus. Many sportsbooks have some type of referral bonus for getting someone else to sign up, but the amount can differ ($50 per person, $100, $200, etc.). If you’re planning to bet with friends or family, this can be a great way to score bonus bets for you and them.

Similar to a rewards program, you’ll want a sportsbook with frequent offers for existing customers if you plan to bet frequently.

Customer Service Options

Strong customer service options are a must for any sportsbook considering most disputes or calls involve someone’s money.

High marks were given to any sportsbook that offered 24/7 customer service (sporting events often end at night, after all), while points were deducted if a sportsbook relied on a FAQ page as a key part of its customer service profile. The more options for contacting customer service (email, chat, phone, etc.), the better.

Customer support is essential to guaranteeing a smooth sports betting experience. If a problem arises, it’s important to have it handled quickly and effectively.


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